"Bota", - World premiere in Czech Republic.

7 July 2014

The film "The World" directed and screenplay by Thomas Logoreci Ilir Elezi and had world premiere Saturday at the famous film festival in Karlovy Vary-onset open to having dated July 4 to July 12, followed by the Czech Republic.

Film directors and actors and accompanying group from Albania are expected with long applause from the audience after the premiere, as pozonin for camcorders and digital cameras. "The World" is a small village, isolated between Fier and Lushnjes, inhabited by a community of former politically persecuted. While being built highways starts and vary little lives of the villagers. Little by little, the main girl, Julie, starts and falls in love with the engineer who is building the road. While files are opened and a committee of former politically persecuted is looking bodies, swamp water. Truth starts out to Julie's mother, a grandmother lie that has shown all the time. In short be a week until comes progress and we must deal with our ghosts, "said the subject of the film director Elezi. Roles in this film famous actors interpret and Arthur Gorishti Tinka Kurti, Guljem Radoja, and actors Kodheli Flon, Fjoralba Kryemadhi and Alban Ukaj. The film is produced by "Hollywood Era" co-financed by the NCC Albania, MIBAC (Italian Ministry of Culture), with the support of Eurimages.
Also, this is the first film produced Albanian conducted with co Kosovo Cinematographic Centre. Albania and Kosovo presented at the festival with a booth to promote their cinematography. Ii KVIFF is known festival and presentation of the film in place of arrival of movie stars, directors and producers from around the world is considered as an important showcase not only to introduce Albanian cinematography, but also to promote our country. This festival has a great media attention from the most important magazines in the world such as Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Screen Daily, and Indiewire. This year the festival's jury is composed by Luis Minarro, president, Mira Fornay, screenwriter and film director Phedon Papamichael, Kjartan Sveinsson songwriter and producer Victor Taus.


Albania today. Julie, Ben and Nora live in an isolated village where entire families were interned during communism. In its ends at a swamp and its stunning cafe "World" directed by Ben, in the 40s. However, its true spirit is Juli, late 20's, and cousin of Ben waitress. Juli dreams to leave the way of art, but stands to care for her grandmother, nate, the only family that remained. Ben has an extramarital relationship with NORE energetic swinging, mid 20's. Wonderful Nora has neither home nor family. Everything in her life depends on the attention and love of Juliet and Ben. The situation begins to change when highway construction begins approaching the cafe. Juli starts to feel for Milin, a young engineer, who works together with Italian entrepreneur, Filippo ...