Presented the multimodal passenger terminal project.

24 June 2014

I am very happy that this presentation today, a day before you go to City Council approval of Tirana, coincides exactly with the positive atmosphere awaited news of status, as the project itself is nothing less but also nothing more than the realization of the European standard, the fulfillment of a promise for a modern European Tirana, a vision not only mine, three years ago as a candidate but all the citizens of Tirana, to give not only the city patch and repair of the season but the perspective and vision that deserves capitals as economic, political, cultural and spiritual Albania Albanians - said the head of the Municipality of Tirana.

Through building multimodal passenger terminal, will be given a final settlement discipline and quality of service delivery in Tirana transport and their integration, train, urban and interurban transport by bus, taxi, parking for private vehicles and services for travelers. The terminal will be built at the entrance of Tirana and provide service to 75% of all cash public transport.
The total number of vehicles that will be offered service in 2015 and 231 in 2035 is estimated at 8,524 vehicles. The terminal will have 340 parking spot; 5 and 3 train platform tram platform. In the first year of operation, the terminal will be served and 60,000 passengers in 2035, 220 thousand passengers. Construction of the terminal will enable significant reduction of pollution in the city. Approximately 2,500 liters of oil will not burn the city every day, 5 to 6 tons of CO2 per day will not be emitted into the environment. The city will have 3.1 km of free parking, which today is occupied by about 192 buses interurban and international lines.
The city will have 2,310 daily circulation means less, bringing salvation traffic. The construction value of the project is estimated at approximately 41 million euros, the economic internal rate of return is 20:58%, while it is 17.2% financial, confirm what economic and financial feasibility of the project. Construction of the terminal will be implemented in partnership public - private partnership (PPP), which means that all the investment, operation and maintenance costs borne by the investor.